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One life. Diversify. You'll never live to regret it.
By: Sha Ruq

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Saturday, 19-Jul-2008 06:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Redang Trip

The fibre boat that brought us to Mak Kepit Beach
Turtles' nests
Turtle track
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Friday, 9-May-2008 08:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Weekend with Turtle - Sarah & Zam

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I was very happy that my good old friend, Sarah wanted to come to Kerteh for a weekend with turtle. I was at my hometown when she called, so I had to changed my plan - go back to Kerteh earlier and leave my cats at home! They arrived in Kerteh around 7pm on Saturday 3 May. We had our dinner and then headed to Ma'Daerah.

When we arrived there, the ranger told us there were 5 turtles about to nest at different spots. So, I drove the Nissan Frontier straight to one of the spots with dimmed light. On our way, we bumped into two wild boars (perhap mother and daughter ) running across our vehicle. Sarah was stunned - she never thought we would came across that incident!

Two turtles already finished depositing their eggs and were camouflaging the nests, as we arrived. Both Sarah and Zam were very helpful. I taught Sarah how to...

...write data on the form and chase the turtle away... (just kidding!)

...dig the egg chamber...

..and got tired of searching the wrong spot...

...smile infront of the camera ...

...arrange the eggs for easy counting...

...place the eggs in the bucket gently...

...bury the eggs in the egg chamber in the hatchery...

...do it the right way - lie down on the sand rather than tonggeng2...

I'm sure they had a wonderful time. Datanglah lagi!

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At the Sanctuary...

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It was Karina's last day being a volunteer in Ma'Daerah. She's been here for a week. Fortunately, a turtle came up to nest on her final day. So we let her do all the things she want to do before heading to Perhentian the next day. She collected the eggs as they dropped from the turtle's tail, re-buried the eggs and covered it back with sand. Basically, this what we do at the sanctuary. I just can't wait for the hatchlings to come out from the nest .

That's a wrap!

Friday, 9-May-2008 03:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My First Turtle..Ever!

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I spend half of my time working on the field..or rather beaches . On April 15, my supervisor, Rahayu; a volunteer from Germany, Nina; a beach patrol worker, Pak Mat Dahan; and I went for patrol as usual in Ma'Daerah Turtle Sanctuary. The other team, River (my colleague), Vincent (volunteer from New Zealand) and Karina (volunteer from UK) patrolled at Chakar Hutan which is next to Ma'Daerah. After a long 1.5km walk towards the end of the beach, my team took a break. We just laid down on the sand looking up to the sky with millions of stars. That's what we called a million star hotel. All of us fall asleep until we heard River's voice on the walkie-talkie asking if we got any turtle. It was nearly 4 in the morning. "Kosong", I replied, which means non. Then, I woke everyone up and we walked back to the sanctuary. It was another turtleless night for us, the eighth consecutive night of frustration. I walked lazily..dragging my feet. About 5 minutes later, I saw a dark line from the water edge up to the beach 10 metres away from where I stood. "It could be a turtle track", I told Rahayu. We went nearer. Confirmed. "YES!".

We missed her by an hour. She already laid her eggs and was 'sand-bathing' near the nest. Before she finished bathing, we had to tag her on both frontal flippers. Pak Mat Dahan used his celeng to locate the nest and marked it. Then, he tagged the turtle. Apparently, she has been tagged before. On her left front flipper, there was a tag number IF2907. So Pak Mat Dahan tagged the right flipper using my tag applicator. The number: MY3101 - the first number of my tag series.

Pak Mat Dahan ready to tag the turtle.

He's tagging her right flipper.

After tagging the turtle, we started to measure the curve carapace length (ccl), curve carapace width (ccw), the width of the track, number of eggs laid, diameter of the eggs, etc. Before, the eyes need to be close so that she will not move.

River closing her eyes.

Din (hatchery worker) calming her, me putting on the head lamp while Karina looks on.

Me calming her down, saying goodbye at the same time.

Barnacles are parasites to turtles. They have to be removed from a turtle's body if found. On this turtle, we found 5 big barnacles.

Din removing barnacles.

As soon as she crawled back to the sea, we started to collect the eggs. The nest was dug-out by Vincent cause he has long arms . All the eggs were placed in a bucket, 10 were sampled for their sizes. The turtle reached the water at 5:55am. After the eggs were collected, the happy people went back to the sanctuary to bury the eggs at a safer place. The hatchery was not assembled yet at that time. We got to watch sunrise that morning. What a wonderful feeling..

Vincent digging the nest.

River giving a peace sign as Nina looks on.

Selecting 10 eggs to measure.

Checking-out for last egg. Putting everything to paper - the procedure that needs to be followed.

A total of 115 eggs were laid on our very first encounter with turtles. Thank you everyone .

Saturday, 15-Dec-2007 15:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Penang Trip

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1 Dec ada English test kat Penang (KL punye cawangan dah penuh). So the night before I and two friends drove up to Penang. I managed to study with the light on in the car all the way to Penang. Last minit gile punye. Dengan tak study (pemalas), tak gi preparation class (no time and no $, terus register to sit for the test. High level of confidence punye pasal. We reached there about 6 hours after a bad traffic jam somewhere between Selangor and Perak. Tido 3 jam pastu gi exam. After exam, went shopping near Komtar and petang tu lepak2 jap kat umah Toyon (driver aku mlm tu).

Nilah Toyon..driver aku..huhuhu...

Singgah Bukit Jambul (BJ) jap cari CD game...tup tup nampak iklan ni...

Rasa2 word ni takde dalam kamus Dewan

Dinner was at Pak Tam, my old favourite place to hang out during varsity years. Pak Tam's special is Char Kuey Teow. Harga? Baru RM2.50. Ada 3 ekor udang and kerang. So the three of us ordered the same thing, eventhough we asked for the menu! Other favourite dishes at Pak Tam are sotong cili, nasi goreng ayam, nasi goreng ikan masin and mee goreng basah

Char kuey teow 3 siap! RM2.50 each.

Yang ada udang terjojol ni gua punya!

Ni Pak Tam dok syok tengok tv. Menurut beliau, team Pak Tam pernah ke KL untuk jamuan open house 3 hari sebuah syarikat barang kemas...khas buat char kuey teow aje, ala2 hawker style..dan ada lagi event lain di KL..just making char kuey teow yg didatangkan khas dari Penang...hebat kan?

Tauke @ owner of Tam Char Kuey Teow

Variety of Tam's Char Kuey Teow...dulu2 ada 1 je yang RM2.50...sikit? Korang ape tau aku slalu order 2..hehehe

One of the many graffities along Tanjung Tokong..

Cewah..posing dah kenyang ni...

Sorang lagi co-pilot...Khazami...aku je yang tak drive sebab kereta manual!

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